Member Benefits

Your membership at The Boardroom comes with so many benefits, and there are even more! Take a look at some of the perks of being a member below.

Shared Alyeska Ski/ride season pass

  Did you know that the Boardroom has a shared Alyeska Ski/Ride season pass that gives members access to the mountain for only $35?!?! Save major $$ by booking tBR's shared Alyeska Seasons pass. When using the pass, you can also get discounted lessons, hotel bookings, and gear rental. This…

49th State Brewing Company discount

Boardroomies get a special discount at the very delicious 49th State Brewing Company restaurant. This perk is good for 10% off your entire food purchase. This Perk is available for Flex Members, Dedicated Desk Members, and Private Office Members.

Alaska Rock Gym Group Discount

The Boardroom has a group discount available for Alaska Rock Gym Memberships. Get a discount on your full-time climbing membership when you join the tBR rock gym group. 

Note: Not all benefits are available to all memberships, and all benefits are subject to availability.